GM Crops -SAY NO

GM crops are usually made by crossing the genes of unrelated species, in an attempt to transfer a desired trait. This is unnatural and does not occur in nature. For instance, genes from a fish are transferred to tomatoes and from bacteria to plants.

Eating foods laden with GMO's have a virtually irreversible impact on soil microbes, earthworms, birds, crops and other organisms not to mention its insidious impact on health.

We all need to act fast. Here's what you as an individual can do.

  1. VISIT and see their episode 8 on poison on our plate . Go to the end of the episode to see how you can help by making a donation.
  2. If you feel like making a donation please do so now because your donation will bring a matching donation from Reliance !  
  3. Support the effort for safe food. Visit urgently, to sign on a petition to Sharad Pawar asking the government to support organic farming and to ensure safe food for all of us. Also leave a missed call at 022-33010031 and your message will be conveyed.





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